Xtrutech specialises in the design and supply of New Twin Screw Extruders plus Screw Elements, Shafts and Barrels for ALL major makes of Twin Screw Extruder



Whilst Xtrutech specialises in designing and building twin screw extruders operating in the powder coatings industry we also provide services for extruders operating in the industries of food production, medical plastics and pharmaceuticals among others. This includes screw elements and shafts, refurbishments and process optimisation of most major makes of twin screw extruders. We offer a wide range of services so pick up the phone and give us a call if you have any questions or enquiries that we can help you with. Alternatively visit the contact us page and we will get right back to you.

Welcome to Xtrutech

Xtrutech specialises in twin screw extruders, service technology, design of new extruders and the process optimisation of existing extruders.

We are a customer focused company, concentrating our efforts on listening to and meeting customer’s needs. To do this we offer transparency, honesty and reliability to achieve customer satisfaction. Xtrutech’s adaptability and engineering know-how fills a gap in the market that other twin-screw extruder suppliers do not serve.

Xtrutech offer a flexible approach, “no job is too small.” This enables us to work very closely with customers to help make those important customised modifications or upgrades that will give improved performance, productivity and profits. Xtrutech’s ability is not just limited to accurately engineered components, but with its team of highly qualified process engineers, they are able to offer machine and process developments to improve existing products or to assist with the introduction of new products.

So why Xtrutech? (not spelt Extrutech!) 

  • Comprehensive in-depth knowledge and experience of designing, building and running twin-screw extruders
  • Company with the customer at heart; reliable, trustworthy and dedicated to your needs
  • Highest quality products built to meet your requirements!
  • Parts fully compatible with most major makes and models of twin screw extruder, including APV / Baker Perkins, Leistritz, Coperion / W&P, Maris, Berstorff, Century, Thermo Prism, and Brabender
  • Europe’s Leading Supplier
  • Any one of our existing customers can confirm that “Xtrutech never walks away from a problem”

From the simplest to the most technical challenge Xtrutech are here to deal with each and every request of the customer, whether it is a new design of screw element or the refurbishment of an extruder, it's all here at Xtrutech! You only have to ask!

Give us a call on +44 (0) 1782 621122


Facotil is a Portuguese paint manufacturer since 1986 that started with a powder coatings plant in 1996 with our own know-how. We chose the twin screw extruder technology and the Xtrutech technicians who were the best assistance and collaboration we could have expected. When Xtrutech started their assistance we didn´t hesitate to trust their service and engineering capabilities. Since then all our extruders have been assisted and spares provided by Xtrutech and we are extremely satisfied by their quality and delivery service. This historical partnership with Xtrutech was crucial in our decision to purchase a new machine. We are sure that the XTS56 extruder will be fundamental in our development on processing powder coatings and an effective answer to new performance products.