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Key Points
    • Worn feed section liners will reduce extruder outputs
    • Worn mixing / melt zone liners will reduce product quality
    • Reduce Screw Element Wear rates by optimising your screw profile
    • Reduce barrel wear rates through process optimisation
    • Don’t forget to Replace your discharge adaptors and chill knife
barrel Liner Liner insert solid barrel solid barrel liner insert Clamshell barrel open

Our solid and clamshell replacement barrels are supplied in either nitrided or through hardened tool steels with corrosive or abrasive resistant properties for the powder coating industry.

In cases of extreme wear, (e.g. highly filled powder coatings) barrel liners can be manufactured from a high vanadium powder-metallurgy HIP’d steel.

Using our specialist knowledge, gained over many years of designing and manufacturing twin screw extruders with a number of major OEM's, as well as working closely with our valued customers, we can offer advice and Engineer solutions to your wear problems on any APV / Baker Perkin, Coperion W&P, OMC or Theysohn extruder

Xtrutech can clean out blocked water channels in barrel housing and circulation blocks (APV Machines) in most cases without any machining required – Acid washing can be done either in situ subject to local H&S requirements, or in Xtrutech’s workshop where we can also refurbish or change the liner if required

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