Clean in Place Feeder


Xtrutech have developed our XTS CIP feeders to further reduce cleaning times for our customers. We have successfully achieved this by automating part of the cleaning process for our new feeder and hopper, with an automated CIP system suitable for all XTS production extruders.

Xtrutech’s CIP feeder & hopper provides the ideal cleaning solution for powder coating producers, by reducing the machine downtime and increasing valuable production time. Our system preforms a thorough cleaning of the feeder & hopper, which removes cross contamination between batches and ensures the quality of your finished product.

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Clean in Place Feeder

Total height above feeder: 1,274mm

CIP Hopper Capacity: 150Ltr (other sizes available on request)

Inlet Options: 300mm BFM Spigot or 300mm Dia inlet with rubber seal

Control: Auto start from HMI

Compressed Air: Multi filtered 5 Bar minimum pressure (we recommend 7bar)

Vacuum / extraction: By customer connected to actuated valve provided.


What is CIP?

Clean-in-place is a method of automated cleaning used to clean the interior surfaces of equipment without the need for any disassembly.

The CIP process

This process begins by introducing compressed air, which is injected into the feeder along with resin chips through the discharge station. This acts to create a vortex within the hopper, and through a combination of the air, extraction system, and resin the feeder is cleaned quickly and efficiently within 6 minutes.