Complete Line

Seamless integration of XTS Extruders and XTS cooling systems for improved savings on installation costs 

Xtrutech supplies complete, seamless, integrated powder coatings lines; including the feeder, twin screw extruder, cooling conveyor or compact drum cooler.

The hidden cost savings are quite considerable, especially when you think about who will take responsibility for the safety of the installation?

Who will ensure the extruder will discharge into the conveyor and it is fully guarded?

Who will install the upstream and down steam interlocks?

Xtrutech! One Supplier, less cost, no problem!

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• ISO 9001:2015 accredited for the assurance of an enforced quality management system.

• European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC in accordance with the safe use machine equipment.

• Reduction of downtime due to easily managed, low maintenance parts made from durable materials.

• Primary optimisation through the assembly of a complete line.

• User friendly software.

• Innovative and customised designs from the foundation up.

• Buyer confidence with a 2-year warranty.

• Improved machine conduct when compared to other extruders, especially regarding cooling capacity.

• Clam shell Barrel for internal access and Side Feeder for increased productivity.

• Environmentally friendly design, promoting sustainable practices.


Choosing Xtrutech means choosing products designed and optimsied for the efficient production of powder coating.

We specialise in providing a total service package (a one-stop service centre) for all twin screw extruder users.

Xtrutech lays the foundation for xcellence starting with customised screw profiles, supporting productivity by supplying our innovative designs.

Xtrutech Side Feeders are proven to recycle fines for maximum efficiency. Our Cooling Systems possess water channels with 2.5 times greater cooling capacity per zone, than any other extruder! plus they are in direct contact with the barrel liner.

The XTS range has over 50% more installed power than the equivalent APV Extruder and 10% more free volume than the equivalent ZSK MV+.

Products such as the Clamshell Barrel, that feature Xtrutech’s own progressive design; demonstrate Xtrutech’s commitment to creating a quality complete line, of UK manufacture, that ensures longevity and prioritises easy and economical performance.

Our buyers can remain confident with our two-year warranty.