Size 3

Drum Cooler

Rapid cooling, easy clean compact design, low cost replaceable belt and a Mini-breaker as standard. The Xtrutech Drum Coolers are designed to match the outputs from our XTS Twin Screw Extruders.

Xtrutech drum coolers and conveyors feature energy efficient cooling, whilst also being environmentally friendly, with a compact design and flaker unit as standard.

Size 1: Bench top for lab samples

Size 2: R&D and / or small batch production up to 150 KGs/hr

Size 3: Small batch production up to 350 Kgs/hr

Size 4: up to 800 Kgs/hr

Size 5: up to 1,400 Kgs/hr

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Size 3

Rapid cooling of thermosetting product

Product spread evenly over drum width to improve product cooling efficiency

Energy efficient cooling with reduced water usage and reduced air moisture in contact with end product

Compact design / reduce length

Mini breaker / flaker unit as standard

Low cost / easy to change synthetic endless belt

Environmentally friendly

Reduced moisture content in end product

Space saving


The internal structure within XTS Drum Coolers allows the molten product to pass through multiple cooling zones, resulting in evenly applied temperature reduction, without compromising the integrity of the product. Our water-cooling technique is both cost and energy efficient and in turn promotes the reduction of air moisture, prioritising both sustainability and quality.

Our designs are compact and yet even our smaller production sizes are capable of intense yields of 350 kgs/per hour. The endless belt is easy to maintain and replace accordingly, supporting the continuation of production. Also included is a mini breaker/ flaker as standard, promoting concise particle size distribution of ≤ 4mm to improve grinding efficiency, complete with removable combes and breaker rotor, that is hinged for accessible maintenance.

Our Drum Coolers are designed for seamless integration with XTS Extruders.

  • Fully guarded to comply with European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Operator control cabinet complete with drives and safety circuit to IP55
  • The Drum Cooler unit is located on guide rails so it can be moved away from the extruder via a motor drive system
  • The Drum Cooler is shipped fully assembled ready to be connected to customer utilities


Product throughputMax 800 Kgs/hr Ave: 500kgs/hr
Supply voltages380 to 480 V, 50 or 60 Hz
Signal voltage(internally) 24 V
Chilled water flow rate (supplied by customer)320 lt/min
Required temperature of cooling water:8 -10° C
Required cooling water pressuremin. 3-4 bar
Water Connections2” BSP
Product Inlet Temp<= 150°C
Product/Flake Temp< 25°C


Drum Coolers
To match ExtruderXTS19XTS24XTS35XTS44XTS56
Size12 Lite2345
Output Kgs/hr max251001803508001400
Drum cooler size (nominal)150300300600 x 700800 x 10001.300 x 1000