Fines reprocessing

Re-process all your fines either from your Mill’s baghouse or Secondary Cyclone and feed chips direct back in to the Mill in the same batch.

Using a special screw profile, barrel temperatures and side feeder; Xtrutech can demonstrate the recycling of 100% fines or any percentage of fines, preblended into a premix formulation.

Overtake competitors with innovative solutions that distinguish you as a leader in the industry, focussed on efficiency and improvement, by turning your out of spec product into resources and avoid landfill fees and taxation on unnecessary waste.

Participate in new solutions on sustainable environmental practices.

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Fines reprocessing

• 99% yield meaning a saving in raw materials

• Automatic control via XTS HMI optional.

• Vented hopper included

• Manufactured from 304 quality grade Stainless Steel.

• Front plate and feed tube are jacketed for water cooling.

• Support table with location slide and locks plus safety switches.

• Inverter drive and controls in a separate remote electrical panel

• Efficient use of materials resulting in minimal waste

• Reduction in landfill costs as more raw materials are utilised for production.

• The recycling of up to 100% of fines.


Xtrutech through the use of process trials and innovative design, have compiled a method of Fines Reprocessing that allows for the feeding of up to a 100% of fines. Both cost effective and sustainable the advantages of this process are numerous. Reduction of landfill fees and taxation are but some of the few rewards of the Xtrutech Fines Reprocessing system, with the most substantial benefit been the 99% yield rate, resulting in huge raw material savings.

Our systems are user friendly, easy to maintain and engineered with xcellence. To explore which possibilities are most suitable to your goals and requirements, please refer to our contact section in the main menu, to get in touch with our engineers.

  • Reduction of storage costs
  • Auto purge and hibernation mode when no feed / product available.
  • Based on an XTS56 line output of 1,000 kg/hr, a 100-150 kg/hr of recycling chips go back into the mill.