10L Unit

High speed mixer

10L units have a fixed-bowl design with contoured discharge valves for efficient mixing and simple product discharge. Mixing tanks are single wall or jacketed for temperature control, via an external circulator.

An optional control for PVC dry blends enables the mixer to switch to a cooled, low speed cycle once a pre-set temperature is reached. A simple manual control panel is standard with each mixer. For special operations, a plc-controlled version can be supplied with touch screen operator interface.

These units feature single or two-speed motors to enable efficient mixing at high speeds and reliable discharge at low speeds. A heavy-duty mechanical seal, ensures a long life in production applications.

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10L Unit

High-speed premixing ensures efficient distribution of the many ingredients in a powder coatings formulation

The production of a uniform pre-blend due to the break down of resin flakes

Trials have proven improved colour development and strength with lower pigment concentrations

With a simple change of the blade, the mixer is converted to an industrial lab grinder / mill for powder coatings

Pharmaceutical versions, to GMP design, are available with removable bowls, stainless steel construction and a dust-tight touch screen operator interface

High Speed Mixers available to suit a versatile range of applications



Powder Coatings          Master Batches        Pharmaceuticals           PVC Dry Blends          Ceramic

Plastisol’s                       Polymers                   Ceramics                        Chemicals                     Food


Masterbatch dry-blends can be prepared with a wax dispersion aid. The XTS High Speed Mixer is used to heat the polymer granules so that wax melts and pigment adhere to the granules’ surfaces. As in PVC dry-blend applications, an optional feature allows a maximum product temperature to be pre-determined, so that when the temperature is reached, the mixer will automatically reduce impellor speed and open a solenoid valve for bowl cooling.

Food and Pharmaceutical product development call for thorough cleaning of the process contact parts. The bowl and impellor can be removed quickly and easily to promote cleaning, and the stainless-steel change-bowl design meets GMP standards. Fixed-bowl versions can be fitted with a mechanical impellor seal and special discharge valve for mixing Plastisol’s.