Process Optimisation

Our experienced engineers can offer advice on screw profiles and process optimisation including barrel temperature profiles, mixing, intake or feed problems, whether your process is powder coating, toners, masterbatch, compounding or food production. Xtrutech can help you optimise your production and offer advice to maximise your profits!

Typical Processing issues:

  • Feeding or intake: Reprocess fines or feed bulky powders and high bulk density extenders without difficulty with high intake feed screws from Xtrutech made to fit any make of twin screw compounder
  • Side feeding: We can help reconfigure your screw profile or offer advice on an alternative feeding solution
  • Venting &/or vacuum ports: Are you experiencing material either exiting though the vent port or even worse, holding up in the vent port and creating ‘black spec’s’ in your finished product?
  • Over mixing: Having trouble with blowing agents reacting in the barrel or under sized aluminium flake and glass fibres too short?
  • Under mixing: High filler levels can be difficult to incorporate into some polymers. We can help reconfigure your screw profile or offer advice on an alternative feeding solution.
  • Temperature: Over heating or burning of temperature sensitive additives discharge / stranding problems, dropping strands or material backing up in the barrel. Do you have a heater down or a worn discharge screw?

Xtrutech can offer solutions to all of these processing issues and more, use our contact form if you would like to discuss our solutions to all your processing questions.

Typical Problems:

  • Low output limits
  • Feeding or intake limits
  • Reprocessing of fines
  • Poor dispersion
  • Gel bits or pin holes
  • Discharge problems

If you feel we can support you to optimise your process, we are pleased to discuss solutions.

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