Side Feeder

The range of high-powered twin-screw side feeders from Xtrutech are matched to each production sized extruder, featuring a variety of feeding options for both powder premixes and liquid formulations.

The feeder body and hopper are made from stainless steel and have access door for cleaning and maintenance, also including a level probe as an option.

Hopper size can be modified to fit the work area. Option assisted self-cleaning system is available on request.

*Can be made to fit other extruders


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High Powered

Easy clean

Access door

Removable screws and tube

Choice of agitator type

Choice of feed screws

Hopper size to fit available space

The self-cleaning side feeder reduces changeover times

This allows the operator time to organise the next batch, or focus on cleaning other equipment


Xtrutech’s new self-cleaning Twin-Screw Side Feeders reach a new level of output and stability when paired with XTS machines. The highest and most efficient outputs can be achieved with stable torque / running conditions on most formulations, using the twin-screw side feeder option. Particularly when processing low bulk density formulations or recycling of fines. The self-cleaning side feeder reducing changeover times and allows the operator to organise the next batch or focus on cleaning other equipment. Xtrutech Side Feeders are able to fit in any available space, dependant on their specification. Made from quality grade stainless steel, they are accessed and maintained easily.