Spares for Other Manufacturers Extruders

Europe’s leading, independent supplier of parts, spares and services for twin screw extrusion. Xtrutech offers superior quality spares that are cost effective and prioritise innovation, performance and productivity. Our spares are compatible with Extruders from other manufactures and can optimise the capabilities your existing system. Utilise our engineers and their industry knowledge, to devise a customised strategy with Xtrutech.

Screw Elements

Screw Elements

At Xtrutech we manufacture all our wear & / or corrosion resistant screw elements to the highest standard, to ensure compatibility with original parts. Screw elements and shafts including feed screws and kneading blocks are available for models from; Coperion / W&P, Leistritz, Berstorff, Theysohn, Prism, APV / Baker Perkins, Maris and Clextral equipment. Improve performance by using our premium range of screw elements. Screws available for all machine sizes from 16mm to 160mm and all major OEMs

Need a new design / customised screw element? No problem, we can design it here at Xtrutech!

Emergency breakdown service to reduce downtime

Compatibility with original parts at the highest standards of production

Having trouble removing your screw elements? Why not send your shafts to Xtrutech and let our experienced service engineer’s clean, strip and re-configure your screw elements with a fast and efficient turnaround. We will check your existing elements for signs of cracking and severe wear and replace only as necessary.

Screw elements include:

  • Single flight, twin flight and tri-lobe elements
  • Kneading blocks and single mixing paddles or discs
  • High volume intake elements
  • Conveying elements
  • Compression elements
  • Reverse elements
  • Flow splitting elements to mix different viscosities
  • Transition elements from single flight to twin flight
  • Discharge elements
  • Side feeder elements

Xtrutech manufacture and supply screws for most makes and sizes of twin screw extruder to fit: 

  • APV / Baker Perkins
  • B&P
  • Buhler
  • Century
  • Clextral
  • Coperion / W&P
  • ICMA
  • KraussMaffei Berstorff
  • Leistritz
  • Maris
  • OMC
  • Prism
  • Theysohn

Improve the performance of your twin screw extruder by using our premium range of screw elements available for all machine sizes from 16mm to 160mm.

If you have any questions about the performance of your screw elements, or wear issues you may have, give us a call to discuss your needs and see how we can help you…

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Process Optimisation

Process Optimisation

Our experienced engineers can offer advice on screw profiles and process optimisation; including barrel temperature profiles, mixing, intake or feed problems. Whether your process is powder coating, toners, masterbatch, compounding or food production, Xtrutech can help you optimise your production and offer advice to maximise your profits!

Typical Processing issues:

  • Feeding or intake: Reprocess fines or feed bulky powders and high bulk density extenders without difficulty, with high intake feed screws from Xtrutech, made to fit any make of twin screw compounder.
  • Side feeding: We can help reconfigure your screw profile or offer advice on an alternative feeding solution.
  • Venting &/or vacuum ports: Are you experiencing material either exiting though the vent port? or even worse, holding up in the vent port and creating ‘black spec’s’ in your finished product?
  • Over mixing: Having trouble with blowing agents reacting in the barrel? or under sized aluminum flakes and glass fibres too short?
  • Under mixing: High filler levels can be difficult to incorporate into some polymers. We can help reconfigure your screw profile or offer advice on an alternative feeding solution
  • Temperature: Over heating or burning of temperature sensitive additives discharge / stranding problems, dropping strands or material backing up in the barrel. Do you have a heater down or a worn discharge screw?

Xtrutech can offer solutions to all of these processing issues and more, use our contact button below, if you would like to discuss our solutions to all your processing questions.

Typical Problems:

  • Low output limits
  • Feeding or intake limits
  • Reprocessing of fines
  • Poor dispersion
  • Gel bits or pin holes
  • Discharge problems

If you have any questions on how we can help on any of these problems, get in touch with us!

Barrel temperature profiles, intake or feed problems are a few of the process optimisation solutions we offer to help you maximise profits!

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Barrels, Housings & Liners

Barrels, Housings & Liners

Here at Xtrutech we have solutions for all your barrel enquiries. Using our specialist knowledge, gained over many years of designing and manufacturing twin screw extruders with a number of major OEM’s. Alongside working closely with our valued customers, we can offer advice and engineering solutions for your wear or corrosive problems on any Coperion / W&P, Leistritz, Berstorff, Theysohn, Prism, APV / Baker Perkins, Maris and Clextral equipment.

Barrels, barrel liners and barrel housings are subject to high stress operating in a potentially high wear and / or corrosive environment and these parts are pivotal to the optimisation of the extruder. Here at Xtrutech we have taken this information and created a solution! We have used it to create high wear and / or corrosive resistant products to reduce downtime and to increase the productivity of the extruder as a whole.

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Retrofit Clamshell Barrel

Retrofit Clamshell Barrel

The Xtrutech Retrofit Clamshell Barrel has been designed to replace older worn out barrels and includes a range of high wear, resistant liner materials, that will give the extruder user improved performance, productivity and profits.

The Clamshell Barrel with low-cost, insert liners, have become widely used by companies who manufacture not only powder coatings or thermoplastics, but also food products such as snack food and pet food, that are very abrasive and potentially corrosive.

Xtrutech are now promoting the system for all makes of co-rotating twin-screw extruders. The new system can be easily adapted to existing machinery, giving it a new lease of life at only a fraction of the cost of totally replacing the machine. It offers major savings to high wear processes and is a more robust and maintenance free solution, than the original supplier barrel. Users in the powder coatings, thermoplastics and even food industries can now take advantage of this new barrel design.

Improved performance

The new barrel has been designed with single-piece backing blocks that eliminate cracked barrel parts, that are common on older APV / Baker Perkins extruders.

A varying number of clamping bolts save barrel opening times and offer quick access to the screws when cleaning or during maintenance.

The backing blocks carry insert type liners that are much smaller in size than the original OEM liners. This means Xtrutech are able to use harder wearing or more corrosive resistant premium materials that maximise performance against cost.

The backing blocks also house the highly efficient water cooling circuit, in the form of a new insert that has 2.5 times the cooling capacity of any other extruder of the same size. As the water channels become blocked by calcium build up, the new style insert can be changed or cleaned out easily in situ.

Low maintenance

The XTS range of Powder Coating extruders: Xtrutech have incorporated the stuffing box into the barrel, which opens the top half to expose the shafts, ensuring their removal is easy and simple.

The traditional gland packing and followers, have been replaced with oil impregnated split brushes that separate fine powders from the feed material, that formerly creating residue in the shaft coupling area, therefore eliminating the need for maintenance.

A specially designed feed port coupled with new high intake feed screws, help to improve the intake of  difficult to feed bulky powders, making the new barrel more efficient, resulting in an overall improvement regarding output.

Versatile design

The barrel can be extended up to 42 L/D to give more mixing or residence time.

It will fit almost any APV / Baker Perkins or B&P powder coating extruders from 40mm up to 125mm.

The “half” clamshell design will also fit an older W&P or OMC with a fixed or solid barrel style.

We use a range of high wear resistant materials from; thorough hardened D2 or K110, to M333 and M390 for food applications, to very high wear resistant Vanadium PM steels, plus other powder metallurgy HIP’d materials.

 Ongoing savings

Any future liner changes would incorporate the insert style liners that are approximately 30% lower cost to replace than the original OEM style liners.

It is important to stress that you can easily fit replacement insert liners in a very short time, as there is no more optical alignment necessary. Our barrel design also features a number of clamping bolts to save barrel opening times and to offer quick access to screws during cleaning or maintenance. All the improvements from the Xtrutech Retrofit Clamshell Barrel, promote improved performance, productivity and profits. If you would like a quote, or would like to discuss the benefits of our Retrofit Clamshell Barrel in more detail, please use our enquiries button below:

Available to fit machines manufactured by: 

  • APV / Baker Perkins
  • B&P
  • Buhler
  • Century
  • Coperion / W&P
  • OMC
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Xtrutech offer up-grade solutions to convert round shafts to hexagon or to splined shafts. Additionally, we can either upgrade from the gearbox output shaft or simply modify the shaft couplings. Talk to our experts to determine the most cost effective way of upgrading your shafts, to give improved reliability and performance. We can replace and transform your round, keyed shafts to hex or bi-hex (or even splined) depending on your processing needs. Materials of construction, coupled with heat treatments and spline design will improve the reliability of your extruder.

All shafts produced by Xtrutech are made from the highest performance steel available, using trusted manufacturing technology and heat treatments to allow you to get the most from your extruder. Hexagon shafts machined from ground round bar are far less prone to fatigue failures than original OEM shafts. Also, reduce shaft breakages by servicing your torque limiter coupling.

Change to higher strength solid shafts if you are not using the water cooling as this can reduce shaft breakages

Round to hexagon / splined shaft conversions are stronger, more reliable and can save time when removing screw elements

All shafts produced by Xtrutech are made from the highest performance steel whilst we also offer upgrade solutions to convert shafts to optimise your extruder

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Service Machine Inspections

Service Machine Inspections

Xtrutech offer a range of preventative maintenance inspections, including barrel wear inspections, torque coupling services and gearbox alignments to help reduce the potential breakdowns of most major makes of twin screw extruders.  Xtrutech are proud of our reputation for service. Each member of the service engineering team has a wide range of expertise, and many years of machine servicing experience, and takes pride in giving customer satisfaction. Our specialty is to find the right solution for our customers, which is not necessarily the easiest or quickest.

In addition to undertaking service work on sites around the globe, Xtrutech offers a machine maintenance service that has the flexibility to fit well with user needs, from a one off machine inspection and report, to a longer term preventative maintenance package that is tailor made to the needs of the customer.

Training of technical staff and of machine operators can be provided, to ensure that customers know how to get the best out of their machinery. These courses can be conducted at a customer’s site or at Xtrutech’s facilities, and can be configured to include:

  • Machine operation,
  • Fault finding,
  • Preventative maintenance,
  • Process optimisation,
  • Design of screw configurations

Service means more to us at Xtrutech than simply repairing equipment; we as a local, direct and personal company offer so much more than that. Whether it is discussing the potential of your machines, or preventative maintenance, we want to give you a long lasting service that is customised to your needs. With our experienced team of engineers and technicians we can give a personalised and direct service with strong communication and a better understanding of what you, as our customer, require to realise the potential of your extruder.

Annual machine inspections can include:

  • Gearbox inspection
  • End float/backlash on input and output shafts
  • Checking operation and performance of oil lubrication
  • Agitator shaft coupling and gland packing
  • Torque coupling check (where necessary)
  • Main motor condition and operation
  • Barrel temperature control including heating and cooling
  • Machine safety and operation interlocks
  • Control panel controls and indicators
  • Operation and control main D/C drive
  • Barrel bolts and helicoils condition
  • Agitator elements measured and liner inspection
  • Wear inspection
  • Acid flushes

(Gearbox and wear inspection, torque coupling check, acid flushes and main motor condition are but a few of the service and machine inspections we carry out)

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Intelligent Refurbishing

Intelligent Refurbishing

Xtrutech have refurbished many twin screw extruders from laboratory scale, up to large production compounders with great success. Refurbishing an old extruder can be a cost effective alternative to buying a brand new one and can still give the same results, without the high cost of a new capital investment, whilst the refurbishment can also include an upgraded version of the extruder if required.

The performance of the latest designs of twin screw extruder has increased dramatically over the past few years and this performance can be applied to your machine at an economic cost. More drive power and higher screw speeds are just two of the differences, and these upgrades can be applied to your existing machines by our outstanding Xtrutech team.

Key points:

  • Refurbish to save cost of new extruder
  • Upgrade paths available during refurbishment depending on the use of the gearbox
  • Take advantage of new extruder designs without high cost of new capital investment
  • Obtain processing performance improvements by extending barrel length.
  • Provide new controls, interfaces and interlocks to other parts of processing plant

Talk to our team about personalising your upgrade today! It should be noted that refurbishing is not always the most economic option.

Xtrutech refurbish twin screw extruders from laboratory scale, up to large production and offer upgrades on older models of extruder, such as higher screw speeds.

View an example of our intelligent refurbishment 

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Gearbox Repairs

Gearbox Repairs

Whether the gearbox is damaged or worn out, the key element of Xtrutech’s support is an inspection!

A detailed inspection will be fulfilled by one of our dedicated engineers. Following an inspection and evaluation of the gearbox’s condition, a report is produced which includes an itemised quotation of the work that is required. This inspection can be carried out on site, or alternatively the gearbox can be shipped to Xtrutech.

Only on acceptance is any further cost incurred. It is our standard practice to provide fresh bearings and seals no matter what other parts have been replaced; that’s just the Xtrutech way!

After reconditioning, it is recommended that the gearbox be professionally refitted by an Xtrutech service engineer, to include verification of the alignment, of the input and output shafts, including checks regarding the calibration and condition of the torque limiter coupling.

Support provided for a range of gearbox manufacturers including:

  • David Brown
  • Hygate
  • Flender
  • Eisenbeiss
  • PIV

Key Points:

  • Provision of inspection report with itemised requirements for reconditioning
  • Gearbox rebuilt with new seals and bearing as standard
  • Service engineers provide professional refitting service
  • Checks of extruder failsafe devices made after refitting

~(A gearbox inspection is pivotal to the evaluation of the condition of the gearbox. Gearboxes are rebuilt with new seals and bearing as standard)

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Wear Measurement

Wear Measurement

As standard, Xtrutech machines prioritise accessibility, for the very purpose of ensuring vital maintenance tasks such as wear measurement can be performed with ease and accuracy. Our parts also feature a gauge measurement, so that subsequent wear can be physically documented in house. Features such as this help to calculate potential repairs and replacements, helping suppliers like ourselves, to meet these requirements as soon as possible. This nearly eliminates the downtime of your production line for efficient changes to take place. We understand that unlike our XTS lines, other elements are houses in inaccessible structures e.g. closed barrels, in this case we offer the opportunity for our engineers to visit and accurately assess the wear of your machinery. To provide an informed opinion on how best to proceed with your current equipment and potential factors that could be creating untimely wear on your elements.

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