XTS 35

Twin Screw Extruder

Designed for High output and efficient Powder Coating production, Xtrutech have assimilated the high free volume clamshell geometry from the APV “MP – PC” machine. With the robustness and reliability of the W&P, ZSK series and further improvements of our own, we have produced the optimum machine for processing powder coatings, in the most efficient and economical way possible.

Improvements on the clamshell barrel have contributed to a decrease in down-time cleaning times. This is partly through the inclusion of a pneumatic gun, which aids in the removal and tightening of a reduced number of barrel bolts, to speed up the opening of the clamshell barrel.

Through a combination of a changes in the position of the feeder, the introduction of a water cooled rectangular feed port and special self-wiping high intake screw profiles. Together they increase feed intake by over 30% and allow for the feeding of fines.

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XTS 35

High free volume coupled with high power enhances flexibility in speed, residence time and output

Clamshell barrel providing easy access to the screws and shafts for cleaning and maintenance

A split stuffing box gives quick access to shafts during removal and refitting

High intake screw profiles to optimise feeding of fines and traditionally difficult to feed low bulk density formulations

An industry proven gearbox from PIV to ensure reliability of high torque transmission

Segmented, insert type liners available in corrosion resistant, premium materials to maximise performance against cost

Torque limiter coupling to protect the gearbox, shafts and screws

Oil impregnated brass split bushes to stop the material from flowing backwards towards your gearbox

Super robust backing blocks with excellent control over heating and cooling


The XTS Twin Screw Extruder comes with a standard 24L/D Clamshell barrel, for single pass processing of most current formulations including; Functional Pipe Coatings, Re-bar, CAB Textured, TGIC formulations and clear coats and high gloss formulations where a higher output is required. Even 100% fines!

Xtrutech remains a step ahead of our competitors through the customisation and improvement of our Twin-Screw Extruders. Developing the integral Clamshell Barrel design, that provides vital internal access. The nature of this design allows for maximum production potential to be achieved, through the reduction of laborious disassembling, allowing for easy and accessible maintenance.

Additionally, XTS Extruders are complete with Side Feeders and now a 100% of fines can be recycled. In the aim of achieving a more economical design, Xtrutech’s insert style cooling blocks have water channels with 2.5 time’s greater cooling capacity, per zone than any other extruder! Our water-cooling technique is both cost and energy efficient and in turn promotes the reduction of air moisture, prioritising both sustainability and quality. XTS Extruders can be configured to a specification that focuses on the efficiency of your equipment, crafted from quality materials of UK manufacture.


ModelXTS 19XTS 24XTS 35XTS 44XTS 56XTS 65
Diameter (mm)192435445665
Motor (kw)3.398.5/11.326/3564/86130/174194/258
Screw Speed (RPM)900900/1200900/1200900/1200900/1200900/1200
Maximum Torque (Nm)18451393906841030
Typical Max Outputs Kg/hrn/a12030080016002400
Average outputs Kg/hrn/a802205001,0002,000