Xtrutech XTS 44 with Cooling Conveyer

Explore our interactive video (right) of the XTS 44 with Cooling Conveyer. Featuring in depth video clips of;

scrapers, kibbler, belt assisted cleaning, product on the machine, in-feed, barrel, stuffing box catch tray, blowers, side feeder, torque limiter coupling, water cooled A/C motor.

Xtrutech Twin Screw Extruders provide high free volume coupled with high power to enhance flexibility in speed, residence time and output. For maximum performance, combine with our  all Stainless-Steel Cooling Conveyors with assisted cleaning and a mini-breaker.


Stainless Steel Cooling Conveyers from Xtrutech

Stainless Steel Cooling Conveyers from Xtrutech All stainless steel Cooling Conveyers from Xtrutech designed for Powder Coating, made to last. The stainless steel construction is designed for easy clean, simple maintenance and maximum cooling. New easy clean features and a mobile closed loop water system with a minibreaker for small, even sized chips to improve grinding efficiency, offers maximum production and product cooling to match each of Xtrutech’s range of Twin Screw Extruders, designed for Powder Coating.

Xtrutech Drum Coolers

Compact Drum Coolers from Xtrutech Xtrutech’s compact drum coolers designed for Powder Coatings production and many other cooling / flaking application. Video shows the XTS44 and Size 4 Drum Cooler capable of up to 800 Kgs/hr in production and an overview of the main features such as the easy access to the main cooling drum with motorised belt cartridge to reduce clean down times between batches and a simple belt change

XTS24 and Drum Cooler from Xtrutech

Overview of the XTS 24 and compact drum cooler specifically designed for small batch Powder Coatings production and R&D work. Video shows the XTS24 in production and a breakdown of some of the main features such as the easy clean drum cooler with insert belt cartridge to reduce clean down times between batches

Overview of the XTS range of twin screw extruders for Powder Coatings from Xtrutech

Overview of the XTS range specifically designed for Powder Coatings production. Video includes information on the background to high volume (mega volume) geometry, the Xtrutech Clamshell barrel with unique water cooling inserts and AC water cooled motors

Our Company

Overview of the work we do here at Xtrutech including examples of the Twin Screw Extruders we create and the process optimisation we can develop on existing OEMs. It also shows a number of our machines in action, and the different types of products including barrels and screws we can produce.

Xtrutech XTS Range of Twin Screw Extruders

Overview of the properties of the specially devised XTS range. Video includes information on Re-processing of fines, the stuffing box, locking shaft couplings, oil-impregnated split brushes, the benefits of fewer clamping bolts and the new single piece robust backing blocks to reduce barrel breaks.

Spare Parts and Service for Twin Screw Extruders

Overview of the manufacture of screw elements and shafts for all major makes and sizes of twin screw extruders

Sub-Sea Injection Molding

Our work alongside Huawei Marine Networks involving sub-sea injection molding

An interesting process that showcases the versatile nature of Twin Screw Extrusion and it’s variety of potential applications.