XTS Ancillaries

Xtrutech supply a range of ancillaries and bolts on systems for the XTS range of extruders including;

Twin Screw Side Feeders with assisted cleaning

Data Logging

Automatic purge systems

Recipe management systems

Fines re-processing

Auto – Start up

Remote Access

Downstream Side Feeding

Top feeding

Assisted cleaning of the conveyor

Liquid injection

Process trials in our test house

Automatic start-up of the extruder line

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XTS Ancillaries

Store standard recipes for repeatable production output and quality

Repeatable and controlled start up, with safety shutdown sequence

Accurate purging, with no tripping of the torque coupling

Optimise your extruders potential

High quality machinery and software

Reduction of waste/ landfill costs

Trial your process in our inhouse facilities

Easy to maintain

Improve your environmental practices

Fast and effective clean-downs

Reduction of downtime

The highest / most efficient outputs can be achieved with stable torque / running conditions on most formulations using the twin screw side feeder option


Xtrutech provides a versatile range of services designed to engage the full potential of the XTS Extruder range. Our ancillaries optimise machine usage from Extruder start up, to daily management. Many of our automatic systems such as the; Automatic Extruder start up and Automatic Purge Systems aim to improve the user-friendly experience associated with our machines.

Alternatively, our Twin-Screw Side Feeders also come with the option for assisted in place cleaning, for the reduction of laborious maintenance. Whilst many of our ancillaries cover the need for easy and effective usage, we also offer recipe management systems and process trials that are conducted in our very own testing facilities. We offer the level of customisation required, to optimise your products from start to finish. Xtrutech also offers Fines Reprocessing as an ancillary option, utilising the potential of your raw materials for maximum productivity and to assist in the implementation of a sustainable practices.