Who We Are

Xtrutech specialises in twin screw extruders, service technology, the design of new extruders and the process optimisation of your existing extruders.

We are customer orientated, concentrating our efforts on delivering customer satisfaction through honesty, transparency and reliability. Xtrutech’s engineering knowledge fills a gap in the market, that other twin-screw extruder suppliers do not serve.

Xtrutech offer a flexible approach, we believe that; “no job is too small.” This enables us to work alongside our customers to make those important, customised modifications or upgrades; that will result in improved performance, productivity and profits. Xtrutech’s ability is not limited to accurately engineered components, with our team of highly qualified process engineers, we are able to offer machine and process developments to improve existing products or to assist with the introduction of new ones.


So why Xtrutech? (not spelt Extrutech or Extru-Tech!)

Comprehensive in-depth knowledge and experience of designing, building and running twin-screw extruders

A company with the customer at heart; reliable, trustworthy and dedicated to your needs

Highest quality products built to meet your requirements!

Parts fully compatible with most major makes and models of twin screw extruder, including APV / Baker Perkins, Leistritz, W&P / Coperion, Maris, Berstorff, Century, Thermo Prism, and Brabender

Any one of our existing customers can confirm that “Xtrutech never walks away from a problem

From the simplest to the more technical challenge Xtrutech are here to meet each and every request from our customers, whether it is a new design of screw element or the refurbishment of an extruder, it’s all here at Xtrutech! You only have to ask!


Our Mission

Xtrutech’s mission is to be the best provider of service to our customers, employees, and our suppliers.

Our business actions and decisions always reflect the highest standards of integrity and honesty. Our products are engineered of the highest quality materials, reliable and compliant with the latest regulations. Profitable growth is critically important to allow us to remain independent and adaptable. Our aim is to create long-term relationships with customers, employees and suppliers built upon trust and open conversation.

Our managers lead by example and foster cross-functional teamwork to earn the respect of customers, employees and peers. As Xtrutech grows we demonstrate the ability to achieve goals and develop leaders for the future. By encouraging individual achievement through teamwork and diversity, we are committed to high performance at all levels.

All employees know exactly what is expected of them and how this expectation aligns with company objectives and vision. Personal development is a shared responsibility between employees and management. Employees shall receive sufficient training to do their job and have opportunities to improve their skills and advance to new positions.