Process Trials

Xtrutech have opened a test house within our new larger factory, featuring a full powder coating line, plus a smaller XT19 line for more specialist applications.

We can either demonstrate our full capabilities or run trials on your new or more complex formulations and show how single pass processing is achievable.

We can also demonstrate our Auto purge system and the efficiency with which you can clean down our compact Drum Coolers.

Test charges on application depending on complexity and volume of material to be processed.

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Process Trials

• Specialist application testing

• Showcasing trials featuring complete lines

• The opportunity for ROI on trials

• Evidence of quality

• An opportunity to innovate and solve problems prior to manufacture

• To explore and examine future possibilities

• Share our industry and process knowledge


Xtrutech’s new factory is now fitted with the capabilities to run both specialist and larger scale applications. Process trials enable the exclusive opportunity to understand the nature of a complete line, or to gauge the response of new substances and materials. The nature of the application is your disposal and provides the unique chance to explore new avenues of industry.

Process trials provide the assurance of quality and that is why we also showcase our own systems, for example, the Auto Purge System. With confidence we can assure you that our systems are engineered with Xcellence.

Many successful applications have been tested on our machines, with an estimated 8/10 customers continuing to purchase our machinery. Our charges for running applications are dependent on the complexity of their nature but we do offer a ROI upon the purchase of Xtrutech brand products.