Torque Coupling Refurbishments

Most twin screw, co-rotating extruders are fitted with a Torque Limiting Coupling (TLC) which can become damaged. Here at Xtrutech we offer an inspection and overhaul of your TLC.

The coupling is generally fitted between the motor and gearbox as a safety device with the aim to protect the gearbox from damage in the event of the screws being suddenly stopped or retarded due to over feeding or the introduction of a foreign body which jams or smashed the screw elements.

It is extremely important to regularly inspect and service the TLC units as their function can be impaired by the ingress of dust / feed materials or by regular “tripping out”. If they trip out too easily this can impact heavily on production output and if they fail to disengage properly the consequences can be catastrophic.

Xtrutech provide an annual inspection and overhaul service for many of these units and we hold stock of all the required replacement parts. Our engineers only remove the parts which require replacement and will check the correct operation of your TLC before leaving site.

Torque limiter coupling service kit replacement of parts, inspections and testing can be carried out on-site or in our workshop. Get in touch with Xtrutech to discuss a specific inspection.

Xtrutech can provide a scheduled annual planned inspection of your Torque Limiting Coupling, allowing you to feel confident that the critical components of your extruder are protected.

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