XTS19 Twin Screw Extruder

The XTS19 is one of the smallest twin screw extruders in the XTS range and is ideal for small batch testing, colour matching and the testing of new formulations. This version of the XTS19 has been optimized to process powder coating applications.

Barrels come in standard lengths of 24D and in 6D increments up to 54L/D for more complex applications

All XTS twin screw extruders have been designed to pair seamlessly with an XTS cooling system. The XTDC1 Drum Cooler offers compact and efficient cooling, with an output of approximately 25kg per hour.

  • Features
    • Clamshell barrel which allows essential access to the screws and shafts.
    • Insert liners which are cost effective to replace and can be made from wear resistant materials.
    • Segmented screw elements which can now include Xtra volume elements for increased production output.
    • Individually controlled heating zones (3D or 6D) for more control over your process.
    • PLC controls with operator-friendly HMI screens.
  • Data
    • Motor Power: 3.4 kW
    • Screw Speed: 900 rpm
    • Maximum Torque: 18Nm per shaft
    • Maximum output: 30kg/h, dependent on formulation
    • Average output: 15kg/h
    • Standard Operating Temp: 250°C (450°C available on request)
  • Dimensions
    • Barrel length: 24 – 54 L/D
    • Length: 1980mm (Dependent on barrel length)
    • Height: 1957mm (Dependent on feeder selection)
    • Width: 1260mm
  • Build a Seamlessly integrated Lab Line