Cooling Conveyor

All Stainless steel, assisted-cleaning system, moving in-feed section and a mini-breaker as standard.

The Xtrutech Steel Belt Cooling Conveyors designed to match the outputs from our XTS Twin Screw Extruders.

XTS 44: Up to 800 Kgs/hr

XTS 56: Up to 1,600 Kgs/hr

XTS 65: Up to 2,500 Kgs/hr

*Other sizes available on request

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All stainless steel frames

Berndorf Stainless Steel Belt

Large diameter chill roll with disruptive water flow to maximise cooling

Nip roll with disruptive water flow

Secondary cooling roll on belt to improve cooling across the width of the extradite

Mini breaker / flaker unit as standard

Moving device included for conveyer

All safety interlocks included for a seamless integration with the XTS extruder

Manufactured by Xtrutech in the UK

Assisted belt cleaning

Continuous chill roll cleaning

Assisted cleaning system for the kibbler


The Xtrutech Cooling Conveyor boasts a stainless-steel structure, featuring a Berndorf stainless steel belt. Disruptive water flow is used to rapidly decrease temperature, beginning at the chilled nip roll and continuing to the secondary zone of cooling. Which are situated to increase the rate of cooling across the width of the product. The dimensions are suitable for numerous functions, created in belt widths of; 1000, 1200 and 1500mm wide with lengths 3M to 10M to ensure cooling of product from 20 KGs/hr up to 2,600 Kgs/hr. As per the Xtrutech standard, the Conveyor is accompanied with a mini breaker/ flaker unit that provides concise particle distribution of < 4mm that improves grinding efficiency. As a notable design feature the air guides can be adjusted and fixed to prevent deviation of the sheets.  Xtrutech suggests the XTS Extruder, for the seamless integration of your assembly piece.


Cooling Conveyors
To match extruderXTS44XTS56XTS65
SizeXTCC 100/50XTCC 100/70XTCC 100/90XTCC 120/60XTCC 120/80XTCC 120/100XTCC 150/60XTCC 150/80XTCC 150/100
Output kg’s/hr max80011001500120016002000150020002500
Conveyor size (nominal)1000 x 5M1000 x 6.7M1000 x 9M1200 x 6M1200 x 8M1200 x 10M1500 x 6M1500 x 8M1500 x 10M
In- feed roller diameter400 x 260400 x 260400 x 260400 x 260400 x 260400 x 260400 x 260400 x 260400 x 260