Xtrutech’s XTCC conveyors provide efficient cooling for extrudate coming out of the extruder by using a closed-loop water cooling system. Cooling conveyors can be purchased to fit an XTS extruder, or purchased stand alone to fit other machines.


Provides an output of up to 800 kg/h


XTCC 1.2X6

Reaches an output of up to 1,600 kg/h

XTCC 1.2X6

XTCC 1.5X8

Our largest standard conveyor with a maximum output of 2,400 kg/h

XTCC 1.5X8
  • XTCC Cooling Conveyors Explained

    The XTCC cooling conveyers feature a closed-loop water cooling system which offers improved energy efficiency as it recycles and reduces the amount of water used for cooling. Disruptive water flow is used to rapidly decrease temperature, beginning at the chilled nip roll and continuing to the secondary zone of cooling. These are situated to increase the rate of cooling across the width of the product.

    As per the Xtrutech standard, the conveyors are accompanied by a mini breaker / flaker unit which provides concise particle distribution that improves grinding efficiency. The air guides can be adjusted and fixed to prevent deviation of the sheets. Each of the XTCC units are made for seamless integration with the XTS Extruder range.

  • XTCC Features
    • Stainless steel frames
    • Stainless steel belt
    • Large diameter chill roll designed for turbulent water flow to maximise cooling
    • Nip roll designed for turbulent water flow
    • Secondary cooling roll on the belt to improve temperature control across the width of the extrudate
    • Mini breaker / flaker unit as standard
    • Moving device included for conveyer
    • All safety interlocks included for a seamless integration with the XTS extruder
    • Assisted belt and kibbler cleaning system
    • Continuous chill roll cleaning
    • Scissor lift is optional for height control to support maintenance and cleaning


Take a look at the chart below to find the right size cooling conveyor to fit your extrusion line. Contact us to discuss other specifications and requirements.

Cooling Conveyor Belt
Matching ExtruderXTS44XTS56XTS65
Output (Kg/h max)80016002400