• Xtrutech Chemical Extrusion

    Through innovation, Xtrutech continually advances production and laboratory-scale extruder technology, and offers a full model range for various chemical processing requirements. To complement the extruders we also offer a wide range of ancillary equipment, including high speed mixers, feeders, pelletisers and cooling systems.

    At our on-site innovation centre we can support trials and demonstrations to prove the customers specific process concept, to identify the optimum production parameters, to gain the maximum efficient quality product output.

  • Chemical Extrusion Lines

    Xtrutech provides comprehensive production and laboratory scale extruders, which generally consist of four main components:

    • The extruder
    • Feeder
    • Water bath
    • Pelletisers

    By supplying all extrusion line component requirements, we function as a single trusted source.

    We also supply other OEM extrusion spare parts as well as offering expert support services with emphasis on chemical process optimisation. Xtrutech designs our equipment with a focus on user friendliness. We use the highest quality materials and a wide range of ancillaries that support extensive customisation. Each Xtrutech extrusion line is fully adaptable to fit with our customers’ specific chemical processing requirements.

  • Chemical Extrusion Benefits

    Xtrutech’s chemical extruders maintain high efficiency processing without sacrificing quality. This is due to various innovative design features, that protect equipment, reduce maintenance and speed up cleaning processes, such as:

    • Segmented insert liners are more cost effective, sanitary and user-friendly compared to standard inserts
    • A split stuffing box allows for quick shaft removal and refitting
    • Clamshell barrels for easy removal and replacement of screws and shafts

    Clamshell geometries are also much more efficient to maintain and clean compared to closed barrel alternatives, resulting in minimum downtime and greater production speeds.

Next Steps for Chemical Producers

Xtrutech has an established history of designing and manufacturing extruders for global markets over 20 years.

We are committed to quality and environmental stewardship as we maintain multiple ISO certifications and hold a silver EcoVadis Sustainability Award.

To learn more about Xtrutech’s continuous mixing and extruder services, or to discuss your product with one of our dedicated regional managers, contact us today.