Service and Machine Inspections

Xtrutech’s service and machine inspections go hand in hand with our Xtrucare service plans. We can ensure that all of your machinery is functioning at optimum capacity. Our inspections are comprehensive and can feature a selection of the following options:

  • Gearbox inspection
  • End float/backlash on input and output shafts
  • Check operation and performance of oil lubrication
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Agitator shaft coupling and gland packaging
  • Torque coupling check (where necessary)
  • Main motor condition and operation
  • Barrel temperature control, heating / cooling
  • Machine safety and operating interlocks
  • Control panel controls and indicators
  • Operation and control of main drive
  • Barrel bolts and helicoil condition
  • Screw elements measured and liner inspection

For more information or an estimated quote, please contact a local representative or Xtrutech’s sales office.