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New Powder Coatings Brochure

Xtrutech’s latest brochure, that covers our newest systems for Twin Screw Extrusion; such as our new assisted cleaning Twin Screw side feeders, that are taking XTS customers to a new level of output and stability.

Throughout this brochure we address common processing issues and solutions that could be the right match for you and your extruder.

Alongside our signature products, we feature Xtrutech’s new Auto Purge system, recipe management systems and process optimisation options.

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High Speed Mixer Brochure

This brochure talks through the application benefits of high speed mixing specific to the needs of each suitable industry…

High-speed premixing ensures efficient distribution of the many ingredients in a powder coatings formulation, with the added benefit of breaking down resin flakes to provide a uniform pre-blend.

Trials have shown that high-speed premixing improves colour development and allows the same colour strength to be obtained with lower pigment concentrations.

Xtrutech Fines Recycling System Brochure

Participate in innovative solutions regarding environmentally sustainable practices, with The Xtrutech Fines Recycling System.

Our system prioritises efficiency by drastically  reducing landfill costs and wasted product, whilst also maintaining an easy to operate user system with automatic controls.

The XTS Eco Line is capable of a 99% yield, resulting in a huge saving on raw material costs.

Powder Coatings Brochure

Xtrutech’s Powder Coatings Brochure demonstrates the progressive capabilities of our Clamshell Barrel in terms of; output, accessibility and design.

Explore our Cooling systems that prioritise fast and efficient product cooling.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction in all aspects of our work:

• Process optimisation.
• Screw & shaft cleaning and re-configuration.
• Retrofit barrels &/or barrel upgrades for powder
coating users.
• Machine up-grades.
• Project and design engineering support.

Xtrutech Cooling Conveyors & Drum Coolers Brochure

Seamless integration of extruders and cooling systems results in improved savings on installation costs.

This brochure contains a detailed features list on both XTS cooling systems.

Xtrutech drum coolers and conveyers feature energy efficient cooling and environmentally friendly designs…


Ultimate Powder Coating Performance Brochure

A collection of topics covering a range of innovative solutions to the three main issues in powder coating production from Xtrutech.

Also featuring; single Pass Processing, process optimisation and intelligent refurbishing.


Twin Screw Lab and R&D Extruders for Powder Coatings Brochure

Xtrutech manufactures a range of Lab and R&D Twin Screw Extruders for Powder Coatings, Thermoplastics, Biopolymers, Medical Plastics, Chemicals, Food and Pharmaceuticals.

The XTS 11 & XTS 19 are ideal for smaller samples of 100 grams, while the XTS24 and XTS35 R&D lines are floor mounted, compact, and ideal for scale-up to production.

This brochure includes technical specifications for the capabilities of the XTS 19 Benchtop and XTS 24.

Xtrutech Ancillary Equipment Brochure

Xtrutech’s ancillary equipment details a selection of customised ancillaries available for extruders, beginning at lab/R&D and sampling.

Also available for XTS 35 production units.

Vent Port Stuffers Brochure

Vent Port Stuffers provide a safe way to increase production whilst removing air, moisture and volatiles without losing process material from the vent port.

Run extruders at higher outputs or fill levels and maintain product quality…

Read our full benefits list, complete with technical specifications and see how vent port stuffers can improve your productivity levels.