Xtrutech have a number of top feeding options that enable our customers to gain a consistent process whilst optimising throughput/output whilst saving on maintenance time.

We have a solution to fit your needs, from processing light powders to free flowing granules, from a simple clean laboratory environment to a tough heavy industrialised application, or where robust hardwearing characteristics are required.

  • Vibratory Tray

    Vibratory Tray

    Vibratory Tray

    Xtrutech’s Vibratory Tray Feeders are ideal for conveying free flowing premixes with a bulk density of 200 – 1,200Kg/M³. The feeder includes a 4.5 litre highly polished aluminium hopper and vertical down spout, mounted on a table integrated into the machine base.

    Vibratory Feeders can be used for a range of laboratory applications and are particularly useful for handling delicate and specialist materials. This type of feeder is available for the XT19 Extruder.


    • Consistent feed rates.
    • Ability to handle both low and high feed rates.
    • Produces a uniform material flow that enables gentle handling of the product.
    • Virtually no moving parts which reduces maintenance requirements.
    • Low power consumption.
    • Drive units are dust proof.
    • Leaf springs are manufactured from resin impregnated noncorroding fibre.
    • The operating coils are fully encapsulated to deliver long and reliable service.
    • Motor, drive and control within the extruder control panel.
  • Single Screw Top Feeders

    Single Screw Top Feeders

    Production Range
    Production Range
    Laboratory Range
    Laboratory Range

    Xtrutech design and manufacture a range of Single Screw Top Feeders (SSTF range), suitable to fit various sized extruders for laboratory and production use.

    Xtrutech’s production Top Feeders – SSTF-30 and above can be fitted with an automatic assisted CIP (Clean in Place) Hopper, which dramatically reduces the time taken to clean the hopper between colour changes. See more information by clicking on the CIP tab.


    • Manufactured in stainless steel
    • Easy clean bowl
    • Removal screw and tube
    • Agitator to remove risk of material bridging
    • Hopper size to fit available space
    • Low level location to reduce product aeration
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Drive located in main extruder panel, controlled by HMI
    • Application specific screws and tube options available


    Single Screw Top Feeders
    Matching ExtruderXTS24XTS35XTS44XTS56XTS65
    Feeder TypeSSTF-20SSTF-30SSTF-40SSTF-50SSTF-60
    Typical Output (Kg/h Max)2030080016002400

    The typical maximum output is based on a premix chip/flake material of bulk density of 0.8kg/L. Other outputs are available on request.

  • Purge Feeder

    Purge Feeder

    XTSPF (Purge Feeder)
    XTSPF (Purge Feeder)

    Single Screw Feeder and hopper used for purge cleaning of extruder barrels using Resin, PVC, HDPE and other materials. Feeders can be equipped with a water control valve to assist purge cleaning.

    Purge Feeders
    Matching ExtruderLaboratoryProduction
    Purge Feeder TypeXTSPF24XTSPF30+
    Typical Output (Kg/h Max)624

    Other outputs are available on request.

  • CIP (Clean in Place)
    CIP Hopper System – Top Feeder
    CIP Hopper System – Top Feeder
    CIP Hopper System - Airflow
    CIP Hopper System – Airflow
    • Auto clean hopper 10 minutes cycle
    • (1) Introduction of resin chips from discharge station to aid cleaning
    • (2) Dust extractor initiated
    • (3) Introduction of compressed air which creates a vortex enabling the resin to rapidly rotate and clean the hopper internal walls
    • Resin discharged through the extruder, supporting the barrel and screw cleaning process

All of Xtrutech’s top feeders can be supplied with Volumetric or gravimetric (Loss in Weight) options, and can be selected based on your production needs or preferences.