• Medical Plastics Extrusion Lines

    Xtrutech can provide our customers with a complete medical plastic extrusion line, including the extruder, feeder, water bath, and pelletisers. We also offer a range of support services and spare parts for OEMs, making us a single-source provider for all of your medical plastic extrusion needs.

    Our medical plastic extruders come with many desirable attributes, including easy maintenance, high-quality construction, and user-friendly features. Additionally, we can provide extruders with various ancillaries to create a customised solution that meets your unique medical requirements.

  • Medical Plastic Extrusion Benefits

    Medical plastic extrusion is a large-scale, continuous manufacturing process in which a polymer material is melted and combined with other materials before it is forced through an orifice to create the finished product. This method offers numerous advantages for the medical field, including:

    • Versatility. Medical plastic extrusion can be used to produce catheters, IV tubes, and other medical devices from a wide range of materials, including PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, and more.
    • Faster production speeds. Plastic extrusion is a continuous process, meaning it excels at generating products in bulk quickly. As such, it’s the optimal choice for large-scale manufacturing of medical products.
    • Easy sterilisation. Plastic is a very easy material to clean, which is very important due to the strict cleanliness requirements for the medical industry. Extruded medical tubing can either be single-use or sterilised for repeated use.
    • Enhanced safety. Medical plastics are shatter-proof and non-permeable. This means that extruded medical tubing can be used to safely transport biohazardous materials in healthcare environments.
  • Medical Plastic Applications

    Medical plastic extrusion has many important uses in the healthcare industry, including:

    • Catheter extrusions. Medical plastic extruders can be used to quickly and efficiently produce catheters.
    • Flexible tubing products. Medical procedures often require flexible tubing for transfusion, infusion, dialysis, and more. Examples include catheters, endotracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes, and cystoscopy instruments.
    • Minimally invasive surgery. Medical plastic extrusion can be used to precisely produce multilumen, microbore, coextruded, or cross-head-extruded tubes. These products are crucial for minimally invasive surgery, miniature optics examinations, and microsurgery using lasers.

    Other common applications include:

    • Fluid delivery systems
    • Surgical devices
    • Advanced medical tubing
    • Lab and analytical devices
    • Components for medical and pharma filtration

Medical Plastics Extrusion Services From Xtrutech

Medical plastic extrusion offers a cost-effective and efficient way to produce a wide range of medical components, including IV tubes, catheters, fluid delivery systems, and more. At Xtrutech, we offer an extensive selection of twin screw extruders and related products to meet your medical plastic extrusion needs. Regardless of your requirements, we can work with you to deliver a customised extruder solution designed to improve your medical device manufacturing operations.

For more information about our medical plastic extruders and other products, contact us today.