• Pharmaceutical Extrusion Key Features

    At Xtrutech, we can provide pharmaceutical customers with a complete line, including the extruder, feeder, water bath, and pelletisers. In addition, we offer various support services and OEM spare parts, making us your single-source provider for all your pharmaceutical extrusion needs.

    Our pharmaceutical extruders offer simple maintenance, high-quality construction, and user-friendly features. We can also include numerous ancillaries to create a customised extrusion line based on your unique pharmaceutical requirements.

    Another key advantage of our pharmaceutical extrusion machines is their efficiency. In addition to there productivity, our extruders decrease maintenance times and simplify the cleaning process. Their user friendly clamshell barrel can be easily opened and closed compared to solid barrel configurations. As such, the shafts and screws can more easily be cleaned and replaced when necessary. The barrel also includes insert liners, which are more cost-effective to replace and simpler to maintain.

  • Pharmaceutical Extrusion Benefits

    Twin screw extruders have become popular in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry thanks to several core benefits:

    • Efficiency. The extrusion process is far more efficient and consistent than alternative processing methods. This leads to higher quality and more effective products.
    • Improved drug delivery. Extrusion machines offer a robust method of making solid dispersions that effectively provide modified, time-controlled, targeted, or extended drug delivery. The result is improved bioavailability, as well as the ability to mask the taste of bitter active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
    • Environmental advantages. Pharmaceutical extrusion offers environmental advantages due to the elimination of solvent use.
    • Shorter production times. Because extrusion is a continuous process, pharmaceutical manufacturers can achieve faster production times for the final product.
  • Pharmaceutical Extrusion Applications

    Pharmaceutical companies increasingly depend on extrusion machines for a variety of purposes. Some of the most common applications include:

    • Mixing drug compounds. Conical and twin screw extrusion are the most reliable methods of mixing drug molecules with bioactive polymers. This is especially important for unstable or largely insoluble drug ingredients.
    • Preparing dosages. Extrusion offers a way to prepare enteric and sustained-release dosages, as well as mask the taste of unpalatable ingredients.
    • Creating forms. Extrusion systems can more quickly produce films and related pharmaceutical forms for products such as transdermal patches.
    • Hot melt extrusion (HME). HME can be used to disperse APIs in a matrix at the molecular level in order to form solid solutions. This facilitates the production of drug delivery systems for specialised drug forms or poorly soluble ingredients.

Pharmaceutical Extrusion Solutions From Xtrutech

Pharmaceutical extrusion offers enhanced efficiency, improved drug delivery, and short production times compared to traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing methods. At Xtrutech, we offer an extensive selection of extrusion systems capable of enhancing your pharmaceutical processing operations. Our extruders provide simplified cleaning and maintenance and can be supplemented with various pharmaceutical ancillaries to create a custom solution.

To request a quote or learn more about our pharmaceutical extrusion systems, contact us today.