XTS65 Twin Screw Extruder

The XTS65 is one of the largest production Extruders in the XTS range, designed with high free volume clamshell geometry combined with a robust and reliable high-torque drive. This makes XTS Twin Screw Extruders ideal for high-output and efficient powder coating production.

Barrels come in standard length of 24D and in 6D increments up to 54L/D for more complex applications.

All XTS Twin Screw Extruders have been designed to pair seamlessly with an XTS cooling system such as a Cooling Conveyor. The XTCC 1.5m X 8m cooling conveyor features an all-stainless-steel design to support optimum cooling efficiency, and to protect the conveyor from corrosion and contamination.

  • Features
    • High free volume coupled with high power enhances flexibility in speed, residence time and output.
    • Clamshell barrel which allows essential access to the screws and shafts.
    • Individually controlled heating zones (3D or 6D) for more control over your process.
    • A split stuffing box gives quick access to shafts during removal and refitting.
    • Oil impregnated brass split bushes to stop the material from flowing backwards towards your gearbox.
    • Segmented Xtra Volume Screw Elements to optimise the feeding of fines and low bulk density formulations.
    • An industry proven gearbox from PIV to ensure reliability of high torque transmission.
    • Insert liners which are cost effective to replace and can be made from wear resistant materials.
    • Torque limiter coupling to protect the gearbox, shafts, and screws.
    • Super robust backing blocks with excellent control over heating and cooling.
    • AC Water-cooled motor offers highly efficient torque transmission and low maintenance.
    • PLC controlled with operator friendly HMI screens.
  • Data
    • Typical Maximum Output: 2400 kg/h
    • Average Output: 2000 kg/h
    • Motor Power: 194/258 kW
    • Standard Operating Temp: 250°C (450°C available on request)
    • Maximum Torque: 1030 Nw per shaft
    • Screw Speed: 900/1200 rpm
  • Dimensions
    • Barrel length: 24 – 54 L/D
    • Length: 4486mm Dependent on barrel length)
    • Height: Varies depending on individual requirements.
    • Width: 1720mm
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