Founded in 2002, Xtrutech specialise in the design & manufacture of XTS Twin-Screw Extruders. To create a seamless production or laboratory line, we also manufacture cooling systems, feeders, and ancillary equipment.

We are experienced in creating extruders for a diverse range of industries including Powder Coatings, Thermoplastics, Biopolymers, Medical Plastics, Chemicals, Food and Pharmaceuticals.

Xtrutech are also a leading independent supplier of spare parts and services for Twin Screw Extrusion. We supply OEM spares for most other extruder manufacturers, such as APV / Baker Perkins, Leistritz, W&P / Coperion, Maris, Berstorff, Century, Thermo Prism, and Brabender.

Our highly qualified team can provide a range of engineering services such as process optimisation, machine inspections, wear measurements and more…

Xtrutech’s UK Headquarters are situated in Stoke-on-Trent. This is where our sales, design and engineering team are located. We have sales representatives positioned throughout Europe, Asia & Russia to provide further assistance to our global customers.

Our secondary location is in Philadelphia, USA. The North American Headquarters operate as Xtrutech Ltd. The team provide dedicated customer service to our valued customers in North, South and Central America.

Our values

Xtrutech are innovators at the forefront of all new industry designs and advancements. We continuously seek new ideas, solutions, and approaches to enhance our products, services, and processes.

Xtrutech are customer focused with this a guiding principle which drives our decision making and actions at every level of the organisation. We supply equipment and service which maximises customer productivity.

Xtrutech have a focus on inclusivity. We recognise that diverse teams drive innovation and foster creativity, and we are dedicated to promoting inclusivity in all aspects of our organisation.

Xtrutech value open communication, collaboration, and teamwork. We strive to create an environment where all individuals feel heard, valued, and supported.

We recognise that sustainability is a commitment to innovation with responsible practices and processes that benefit both people and the planet, now and in the future.

Mission statement

Empowering industries with precision-engineered twin screw extruders, our mission is to redefine manufacturing excellence through innovation, reliability, and unmatched quality.

Committed to driving efficiency and performance, we strive to exceed expectations, empower our clients, and pioneer advancements in the field of extrusion technology.


In envisioning the future, we see our company as the global leader in twin screw extrusion technology, driving transformative solutions across diverse industries.

We aim to continuously innovate, anticipate market needs, and expand our reach. We will foster sustainable growth while maintaining our steadfast commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to be the cornerstone of progress, shaping the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and prosperous manufacturing landscape.