• Food Extrusion Key Features

    At Xtrutech, we can provide customers in the food industry with a complete line, which typically consists of an extruder, feeder, die and pelletisers – Pellet or facecut. We also offer additional support services and OEM spare parts, allowing us to be a single-source provider for all of our customers’ needs.

    Food extruders from Xtrutech are easy to maintain, constructed from high-quality wear and corrosion resistant materials, and come with user-friendly features. In addition, we offer a selection of ancillaries that enable us to customise a line based on your unique processing requirements.

    Another primary benefit of our food extrusion machines is their efficiency. Our extruders focus on lowering maintenance times and simplifying the cleaning process which enables higher productivity. For example, Xtrutech extruders feature a clamshell barrel, which can be easily opened and closed in comparison to solid barrel housings seen on other extruders. Because of this, the shafts and screws can be cleaned and replaced when needed. The barrel also features insert liners, which are simpler to maintain and more cost-effective to replace.

  • Food Extrusion Benefits

    Food extrusion is a commonly used technology capable of producing hundreds of food products. The key benefits of extrusion include:

    • Cost-effective. Compared to more labour-intensive food production processes, food extrusion is often much more efficient and cost-effective. By using a continuous process, extrusion greatly reduces the labour, time, and energy required to manufacture food.
    • Consistent quality. Because extrusion is a continuous process, it ensures enhanced uniformity and consistent quality.
    • Versatility. Extrusion is one of the most popular food manufacturing methods because its versatility enables the production of a diverse range of food products.
    • Efficiency. Compared with many traditional processes, food extrusion is often able to process foods in one manufacturing step, significantly improving efficiency.
  • Food Extrusion Applications

    Due to its many benefits, food extrusion is used to produce a wide range of food products, such as:

    • Extruded breakfast cereals
    • Pet food
    • Traditional snacks
    • Ingredients
    • Confections
    • Chewing gum
    • Textured vegetable protein (TVP)
    • Pasta
    • Baby food
    • Premade cookie dough
    • Processed cheeses
    • Bread
    • Aquatic feed
    • Value-added products from the byproducts of meat and seafood

Food Extrusion Services From Xtrutech

Food extrusion offers an efficient and cost-effective way to produce various types of food products. To ensure optimal productivity of your food processing operations, it’s important to invest in quality food extrusion machines. Xtrutech’s broad selection of quality extruders offers productive outputs, simplified cleaning and maintenance, and enhanced efficiency. For more information about our products, or for help determining which of our extruders is right for your food processing application, please contact us today.