• Adhesive Extrusion Process
    • Hot-melt adhesives (e.g., glue sticks)
    • Silicone sealants
    • Two pack adhesives and sealants
    • Medical adhesives
    • Security tapes
    • Die-cut labels
    • Polypropylene foam
    • Pressure-sensitive adhesives (e.g., packaging)

    The XTS twin screw extruder offers short residence times (60-120 sec.) and high throughput rates which translate into higher quality products at lower unit costs. The flexibility of the process section combined with a segmented, interchangeable screw configuration are the key reasons the XTS twin screw extruder can effectively produce the full range of sealant and adhesive formulations.

    The XTS twin screw extruder offers significant improvement in product quality and consistency. In addition, savings in manpower and power requirements can be significant when compared to batch system. The introduction of recipe management ensures consistently high product quality without batch-to-batch variations.

Adhesive Extrusion Equipment by Xtrutech

Since 2002, Xtrutech has helped companies throughout the world achieve better quality extrusion. We have ISO certification for quality assurance, and our EcoVadis Silver Award demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability. Our complete line of twin screw extruders is available with a wide selection of ancillaries to fulfil your exact needs. Contact us today to learn more.