Retrofit Clamshell Barrel

The Xtrutech Retrofit Clamshell Barrel has been designed to replace older worn out barrels and includes a range of high wear resistant liner materials, that will give the extruder user improved performance, productivity and profit.

The Clamshell Barrel with low-cost, insert liners, is widely used by companies who manufacture not only powder coatings or thermoplastics, but also food products such as snack and pet food, that are very abrasive and potentially corrosive.

The new barrel system can be easily adapted to existing machinery, giving it a new lease of life at only a fraction of the cost of totally replacing the machine. It often offers major savings in high wear processes and is a more robust and maintenance free solution when compared to the original supplied barrel.

The clamshell barrel design allows for easy access to the screws and shafts and is available up to a length of 42L/D, to offer flexibility for potentially increasing residence time.

  • Features
    • Clamshell opening barrel
    • Insert liners – smaller in size so economical to change
    • Single piece backing blocks to remove chance of cracking
    • Highly efficient water cooling circuit
    • Easy change cooling inserts
    • Quick release screws
    • Oil impregnated split bushes to protect coupling area
    • High intake feed port and screws, to increase intake of difficult to feed products
    • Hard wearing and corrosion resistant materials use
  • Manufacturers list

    Clamshell barrels available to fit the following extruder OEM’s

    • APV / Baker Perkins
    • B&P
    • Buhler
    • Century
    • Coperion / W&P
    • OMC

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