Vent Port Stuffers provide a way to increase production, whilst removing air, moisture and volatiles through the vent port, without losing process material. The loss of material in the vent port can be a costly problem leading to blocked vents, dropped strands, and degraded “black specs” in the end product.

Additionally, Vent Port Stuffers reduce the need to review screw profiles and still work when the barrel liners start to wear.

  • Features
    • Reliable, twin-screw design that helps prevent material rising up the vent port when de-gassing.
    • Self-cleaning, replaceable screws for process reliability.
    • Allows full vacuum to be drawn when removing air, moisture, and volatiles.
    • Angled vacuum take-off prevents condensate returning to the extruder process melt.
    • Can be installed on most production sized twin screw compounding extruders.
  • Benefits
    • Can run extruders at higher outputs or fill levels and maintain product quality.
    • Minimise inconvenient and costly downtime through vent port blockage.
    • Remove the need for an operator to continuously monitor extruder.
    • No need to clean the vent when running means improved operator safety.
    • Constructed from high quality material to a robust practical design.
  • Specifications
    • Self-wiping co-rotating twin screws with 80-85rpm screw speed.
    • AC geared motor unit connected to a water cooled, oil filled, splitter gearbox for long life.
    • Threaded vacuum take-off connection.
    • High temperature vacuum seals.
    • Easy clean, two-part vacuum chamber.
    • Supplied with an electrical control box, including plug and socket connections.
    • Supplied with a through hardened barrel vent port adaptor.
ModelDiameter (mm)Fits extruders in the range of...Nominal motor
Power kW, Nm, RPM
TS VPS 30T3030 to 502.2 kW - 238 Nm - 85 RPM
TS VPS 40T4030 to 502.2 kW - 238 Nm - 85 RPM
TS VPS 50T5040 to 702.2 kW - 238 Nm - 85 RPM
TS VPS 80T8065 to 1104.0 kW - 464 Nm - 80 RPM
TS VPS 100T10080 to 1604.0 kW - 464 Nm - 80 RPM