Xtrutech design & manufacture complete extruder lines

Xtrutech was founded in 2002 and grew rapidly to become a leading independent supplier of spare parts and services for Twin Screw Extrusion. 20 years later and Xtrutech design and manufacture Twin Screw Extruders and extrusion equipment for customers across the globe.

The heart of our company lies in our dedication to the needs of our customers and the philosophy that customer care is at the centre of our business. This is supported by process knowledge and many years of experience in Twin-Screw design – we offer experienced engineers who can optimise and offer solutions to your processing issues.

Designed for high output, efficient powder coating production.

The most powerful and reliable twin screw extruders available today.
  • We offer side feeders, for efficient high output and stable torque, that also allow for the feeding of 100% of fines

  • High free volume coupled with high power, to enhance flexibility in speed, residence time and output

  • Our innovative Clamshell barrel, providing easy access to the screws and shafts, for cleaning and maintenance


Rapid cooling, easy to clean, with a compact design

Drum Cooler
  • Our Drum Coolers provide rapid cooling of the thermosetting product

  • Maximum cooling efficiency, for maximum output

  • Economical design that is simple to maintain

Designed to match the maximum output of your extruder

Cooling Conveyer
  • Highest specification conveyor on the market, featuring all stainless-steel design

  • Large diameter chill roll with disruptive water flow to maximise cooling

  • CIP assisted cleaning system and advanced safety features

50 years of Xcellence in everything we do

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From the simplest to the most technical challenges, we are here to meet each and every request from our customers. Whether it is a new design for a screw element or the refurbishment of an extruder, it’s all here! You only have to ask!