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Founded in 2002, Xtrutech specialise in the design & manufacture of XTS Twin-Screw Extruders. To create a seamless production or laboratory line, we also manufacture cooling systems, feeders, and ancillary equipment.

Our Specialties

The Only Oem That Specialises in Extruders for Powder Coating The only OEM that specialises in Extruders for powder coating
Small Scale Extruders Ideal for Laboratory and R&d Applications Small scale extruders ideal for laboratory and R&D applications
Complete Extruder Lines With Seamlessly Integrated Ancillaries Complete Production Extruder lines with seamlessly integrated ancillaries for many industries
A Global Supplier of Spare Parts and Services A global supplier of spare parts and services
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“From an extremely difficult position with two older unsupported twin screw extruders here in Western Australia, we are now in a much better place after commencing our association with Xtrutech.
Having found in your organization support, product knowledge, and excellent response times to our problems I feel much more comfortable in our ability to look after our customers.”

- Walker Scientific

“Excellent service and maintenance of the twin screw extruders by the engineers. A very courteous, professional, and helpful team who I would highly recommend.”

- Julie Harte, Site Manager- Ampacet UK

“We chose the twin screw extruder technology and the Xtrutech technicians who were the best assistance and collaboration we could have expected. Since then all our twin screw extruders have been assisted and spares provided by Xtrutech and we are extremely satisfied by their quality and delivery service.”

- Paulo Pinto, Production Manager – Facotil, Portugal

“Working with Xtrutech is exceptionally easy. Delivery was completed on time. We were especially pleased that the XTS56 could produce more lbs/hr than the competitor’s machine of a larger diameter. We consider Xtrutech as our primary OEM supplier of twin screw extruders, auxiliary equipment and spare parts.”

- Sonny Smith, General Manager – IVC Powder Coatings

“Thank you very much for the information and for your help…you are a life saver, thank you for your efforts last night, really appreciated!”

- Matthew Proud- Victrex UK

“Within 24 hours of initial contact, I had received a solution to my problem. Top notch service. Keep up the good work!

Rating Xtrutech 10/10 for: after sales service, knowledge and overall satisfaction in the transaction.”

- Mike Collinge- Lubrizol USA

“The twin screw extruder has been started without any problem and since then it is now in full operation. We are extremely satisfied. I profit of this occasion to release my sincere thanks to the whole Xtrutech Team for their availability and professionalism throughout the whole project.”

- Marco Bovelacci- PPG Bellaria

“The twin screw extruders are running very well we are training the lab staff on their use. Thank you for the support.”

- Chuck Mork Sr. R&D Chemist- Diamond Vogel

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Industries We Serve

Xtrutech offer a comprehensive range of products and services for those searching for extrusion equipment and solutions. We design complete Twin Screw Extruder lines, supply spare parts, and provide engineering services for a variety of industries.

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