The XTS Compactor is a fines recycling system for the powder coatings industry; our machine has been designed to effectively reduce waste by compacting fines and reintroducing them to the mill as reusable chips.

Xtrutech’s Compactor aims to tackle waste by recycling powder coating fines to offer a 99.5% product yield.

The XTS Compactor is invisible to the plant, it sits in line with the mill and only compacts when it is given material. Fines are sent to the compactor via a diverter valve connected to the baghouse, the fines are then fed between two large rolls and compacted into a sheet, which is then broken into chips by the breaker unit.

The first 1,000 kilograms of chips through the mill produce 30 kilograms of fines, which are used to clean the cyclone or bag house. Using the compactor the fines can be re-processed and reused in future products.

The MKV Compactor from Xtrutech is manufactured and certified for use in UKCA/ATEX zone 22 dust environments.

  • Features
    • Various height options.
    • Can be located in the baghouse, cyclone 2 or supplied as an offline standalone unit.
    • Adjustable settings to ensure the chips remain at the desired size.
    • The Clean in Place System (CIP) helps to reduce dust and to clean the machine in-between batches.
    • Multiple compactors can be installed on one large line.
    • The diverter valve is activated if the compactor isn’t running so the mill remains unaffected.
  • Benefits
    • Reach Sustainability targets and reduce your environmental impact with improved waste management
    • Reduce cost to landfill waste
    • Improve process efficiency and production extrusion capacity as there is no need to reprocess the fines through your extruder
    • Rapid return on investment
    • Low maintenance and cleaning requirements

    The milling process typically produces 2 to 10% of fines in the secondary cyclone or bag house. From a batch of 5,000 kilograms of chips, approximately 3% or 150 kilograms of fines are produced, resulting in a potential loss of £525 per batch. If chips cost £3.50 per kilogram, and the MKV Compactor can reuse 120 out of the 150 kilograms of fines produced per 5,000-kg batch, the facility can save around £420 out of that potential loss of £525.

    Potential annual savings based on 2 batches per day X 5 days X 46 weeks per year = £193,200.

Xtrutech’s Compactor provides a discreet and effective solution to fines waste, offering measurable cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved sustainability.


XTS Compactor