Laboratory side feeder
Laboratory Side Feeder
Production side feeder
Production Side Feeder

Xtrutech manufacture a range of Twin Screw Side Feeders suitable to fit various sizes of extruder for laboratory and production use. The range of high powered feeders feature a variety of feeding options for both powder premixes and liquid formulations.

Xtrutech’s Side Feeders offer reliability, high outputs with stable torque and running conditions. The torque is stabilised due to the consistency of the feed rate, so higher outputs can be achieved on most formulations. This is particularly effective when processing low bulk density formulations or recycling fines.

Xtrutech’s production side feeders – TSSF-30 and above can be fitted with an automatic assisted CIP (Clean in Place) Hopper, which dramatically reduces the time taken to clean the hopper between colour changes. See more information by clicking on the CIP tab.

  • Sizes
    Twin Screw Side Feeders
    Matching ExtruderXTS11XTS19XTS24XTS35XTS44XTS56XTS65
    Side Feeder TypeTSSF-8TSSF-16TSSF-20TSSF-30TSSF-40TSSF-50TSSF-60
    Typical Output (kg/hr max)0.5256530080016002400

    The typical maximum output is based on a premix chip/flake material of bulk density of 0.8kg/L. Other outputs are available on request.

  • Features
    • High Powered
    • Easy clean
    • Removable screws and tube
    • Choice of agitator type
    • Automated assisted clean in place system for production sized feeders
    • Choice of feed screws dependent on product requirements
    • Hopper size to fit available space
    • Self-cleaning screw profiles
    • Side feeder barrel features integrated cooling channels for high efficiency cooling
    • Lock in place support table plus safety switches
    • Inverter drive in extruder main panel and controls via extruder HMI
    • Constructed using Stainless steel materials
  • CIP (Clean in Place)
    CIP Hopper System – Top Feeder
    CIP Hopper System – Top Feeder
    CIP Hopper System - Airflow
    CIP Hopper System – Airflow
    • Auto clean hopper 10 minutes cycle
    • (1) Introduction of resin chips from discharge station to aid cleaning
    • (2) Dust extractor initiated
    • (3) Introduction of compressed air which creates a vortex enabling the resin to rapidly rotate and clean the hopper internal walls
    • Resin discharged through the extruder, supporting the barrel and screw cleaning process

All of Xtrutech’s feeders can be supplied with twin or single screws. Volumetric or gravimetric (Loss in Weight) options are also available and can be selected based on your production needs or preferences.