Globe In Hand

The 22nd April marks EARTH DAY- A global movement that drives & inspires positive action for our planet. Manufacturers now face more pressure than ever to improve their production processes and Xtrutech can be part of the solution. We have stepped up to the call, designing machines and implementing procedures that effectively reduce our impact on the environment.

Our XTS machines

As bio-degradable plastics emerged to reduce waste within the industry, Xtrutech responded by optimizing our XTS24 Laboratory Line, specifically for the compounding of bio-polymers such as PVOH.

XTS-24 Laboratory Extruder

Each XTS extruder uses AC water-cooled motors, which are 10% more energy efficient than standard and offer a reduction of noise pollution, keeping the machine to under 80 decibels. We offer Auto-Purge & Auto-Start features with our extruder lines, they act to simultaneously clean the machine and reduce product waste.

We aim to encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking and inspired solutions. Which is why our XTS35 Fines Recycling System reprocesses fines during the production process. Up to 100% of powder coating fines can be recycled in the same batch. As a result, raw material efficiency is drastically increased by utilizing fines that were previously destined for the landfill.

See our article on fines recycling here

Our Suppliers & Manufacturing process

We pride ourselves on working with environmentally conscious suppliers. For example, our steel supplier focusses on energy efficiency and recycling to reduce their CO2 emissions. They use natural gas to power their steel mill & recycle high quality steel wherever possible.

As part of our strategy to minimize Xtrutech’s carbon footprint, we have carefully scheduled all transport between our manufacturing operations. By locally sourcing materials, we have improved our resource management, decreased our freight emissions, and reduced our environmental impact.

Electric Car

Our policies

We started off small, introducing an effective recycling policy across our offices. We moved on to implement energy efficient bulbs across all our buildings to reduce energy consumption. Then 75% of our company cars switched to electric (or electric hybrid) in the last two years! We are not stopping there; we plan to have our IS014001 certification by the end of 2021. This will mean we have the most effective environmental management system in place. Our impact on the environment will be consistently measured and improved upon.

If you would like to know more about our environment & sustainability practices, or for any further enquiries please contact us via