M10 High Speed Mixer

Introducing the M10 High Speed Mixer from Xtrutech, this is one of our larger mixers within the XTS range and features a fixed-bowl design. This is available as either a single-wall or jacketed tank for water cooling.

The M10 has contoured discharge valves for simple product discharge, with a variable speed motor to enable efficient mixing at high speeds and reliable discharge at low speeds.

Mixers in the XTS range are safe and user friendly, including a “safety reset button”, which ensures operator safety by preventing accidental start-ups. Additionally, XTS Mixers shut down when the set maximum temperature is reached which can be set up to 100 degrees.

Our optional “Mixing Impellor Flexibility Kit” allows a full configuration of the assembly with various blades and spacers. This means that the M10 is versatile to suit a range of applications.


  • A thermocouple is mounted in the baffle blade to monitor product temperature which is displayed on the HMI.
  • Impellor speeds can be adjusted for optimum mixing and the modular impellor can be reconfigured for different materials.
  • Mixing cycles can be saved for repeatable batches, with various parameters including RPM, max temperature, and mixing time.
  • Variable speed motors enable efficient mixing at high speeds with the M10 also enabling reliable discharge at low speeds.
  • A HMI panel is standard for all mixers with a dust tight user interface.
  • The safety reset module prevents accidental start-ups with a reset button that must be pressed to start the machine.
  • XTS Mixers shut down when the maximum temperature is reached.

If you would like to learn more about our High-Speed Mixers or to make an enquiry, click here or email sales@xtrutech.com.