September was an eventful month for Xtrutech, marked by our active participation in two industry exhibitions: the Asia Pacific Coatings Show (APCS) and Interplas. These exhibitions provided invaluable opportunities to showcase our latest innovations in the fields of both powder coating and plastics processing technology.


Asia Pacific Coatings Show

APCS 2023 was a great experience for us as we got to co-exhibit alongside Repassa & Devree. As many of you may know Xtrutech have been working alongside Repassa to provide both service and support for our customers across Southeast Asia. Repassa have 30 years of experience in delivering technical & sales service for industrial manufacturers and are highly skilled across a variety of industries including Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and moreā€¦

Devree, on the other hand, specialises in the design and manufacture of semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines, plus packaging lines tailored coatings industry. Together our shared stand was the place to visit for all producers in both liquid and powder coatings.



Back in the UK, Xtrutech recently returned from our stand at Interplas, where we had the opportunity to showcase some of our latest advancements in extrusion technology for polymer production.

A notable highlight was the XTS19 Twin Screw Extruder, a versatile model well-suited for processing Thermoplastics, Medical Plastics, Biopolymers, Fine Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals. The clamshell barrel, a distinctive feature of our extruders, became a conversation starter for many people accustomed to closed barrel designs. This visibility allowed us to delve into the user-friendly design of XTS extruders and demonstrate our segmented screw elements for precise and targeted replacements.

Interplas served as an exceptional platform for networking with a diverse range of industry professionals, and we are particularly enthusiastic about pursuing projects in biopolymer extrusion.
With Interplas marking the final exhibition for Xtrutech this year, we shall be finalising a comprehensive list of show dates for 2024, to be released in the coming months. In the interim, should you wish to get in touch with us or explore our offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us at +44 (0)1782 621122 or via email at