As travel restrictions remain in place for many parts of the world, we would like to remind our XTS customers of the various ways that we can support your machines remotely.

Xtrutech have used remote technology with our machines since 2015, but now more than ever, our customers are discovering the benefits of remote servicing and commissioning.

We have successfully commissioned machines in Asia, North America & Europe. As a result of this change, every new XTS machine is installed with 4G remote access modules, to make servicing and commissioning a fast & efficient process.

We can perform a variety of service tasks, updates, fault diagnostics and emergency assistance using our remote technology. Of course, if our customer prefers to have an engineer visit the site, we are happy to do so.

Remote access provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional servicing & commissioning. By doing these tasks remotely, our customers no longer pay for typical expenses such as accommodation costs & travel fees.

How do we remotely access XTS machines?

Remote Servicing

XTS machines are accessed using 4G remote modules, for older machines that do not have this installed, it is available as a remote access package. This method of remote technology is both simple & secure.

We establish a secure VPN connection using 4G cellular. This enables us to access the machine without our subnet being connected to our customers’ network. From this point our engineers can perform diagnostics, assist remote commissioning, and help with process issues.

This allows our engineers to easily service and commission your machines, but it also offers your engineers valuable insight, training, and experience on XTS machines and how to run them efficiently.

Talk to one of our engineers to discuss the possibilities for your XTS machines: