Lab Upper Floor

Xtrutech are proud to announce that the “Innovation Centre” is now open for process trials. This brand-new facility is located at our UK Headquarters and will house the XTS19 and XTS35 Twin Screw Extruder lines, along with various ancillaries from the XTS range, including the M5 High-Speed Mixer and MKV Compactor. XTS customers can rest assured that they have chosen the right partner in Xtrutech, as we collaborate in this new space to create their optimal Twin Screw Extruder line.

A New Dawn of Possibilities

The Xtrutech Innovation Centre has been designed to empower our customers with a firsthand experience, this facility provides an environment where creative ideas flourish and groundbreaking solutions take shape. We understand that investing in machinery is a pivotal decision, one that requires confidence in its performance. Our Innovation Centre is here to bridge that gap, offering a unique chance to witness the potential of our machinery in action. Xtrutech specialises in creating Twin Screw Extruder lines that focus on high performance and easy maintenance. XTS extruders are adaptable to suit many industries, including but not limited to Powder Coatings, Thermoplastics, Biopolymers, Medical Plastics, Chemicals, Food, and Pharmaceuticals.

Lab Upper Floor 2

Experience Before Investment

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, making informed decisions is imperative. At Xtrutech, we recognize that witnessing the capabilities of our machinery firsthand can make all the difference. The Innovation Centre allows prospective clients to conduct process trials, replicating real-world scenarios and applications. This hands-on experience not only showcases the efficiency and reliability of our equipment but also allows customers to fine-tune their processes for optimal results. Process optimization is just one of the many services we offer at Xtrutech. Our experienced engineers possess expertise across multiple industries and can provide advice on subjects such as screw profiles, barrel temperature profiles, mixing, intake, and feed issues.

Our newly renovated facility spans two floors and features a dedicated conference area where trials on the XTS19 line can be observed comfortably. This setup also enables international customers to participate more actively in the trial process through video links.

Conference Room

The XTS Range

All XTS Twin Screw Extruders showcase a clamshell barrel design, demonstrating the ease with which screw elements and shafts can be accessed for cleaning and maintenance. Barrel lengths are available in standard sizes of 18.5D and 24.5D, with 6D increments up to 54L/D for more complex applications. Furthermore, XTS extruders include insert barrel liners for enhanced longevity, crafted from materials resistant to wear and corrosion. Additionally, the segmented structure of XTS screw elements enables targeted replacement of worn components.

XTS19 Twin Screw Extruder Line

The XTS19 is one of our smaller extruders, perfect for small batch testing and experimentation with new formulations. Available ancillaries for this model include a water bath, pelletisers, or air-cooled conveyor, especially beneficial for hygroscopic applications such as biopolymers.

XTS water baths feature stainless-steel tanks and offer a ‘recirculation’ choice, integrating a heat exchanger for effective heat dissipation during extended runs. Xtrutech’s strand pelletisers produce 3mm pellets, with an easily accessible panel for cleaning. Additionally, all XTS Strand pelletisers are fully safety interlocked and equipped with electrical controls.

Lab Downstairs

XTS35 Twin Screw Extruder Line

The XTS35 is a versatile extruder, serving both laboratory and production functions. It particularly excels as a lab machine when increased free volume is required. Ideal for low-scale production, the XTS35 offers high throughput, particularly suitable for specialty products. Xtrutech provides a selection of feeders, available with either top or side feeding options, both benefiting from our Clean-in-Place system. Our in-house model can demonstrate the CIP system, which was developed to further reduce maintenance times for our customers by automating part of the cleaning process for our feeders and hoppers.

The XTS35 line also includes the XTDC3 Drum Cooler, an efficiently designed cooling solution. The XTDC features innovative maintenance enhancements. For instance, the Kibbler shaft can be completely removed for thorough cleaning, and the side access door facilitates easy removal and replacement of the cooling belt.

MKV Compactor

XTS Ancillaries

The Innovation Centre also houses the M5, one of our laboratory scale High-Speed Mixers. It has a change bowl design, featuring both single and jacketed bowls for improved temperature control. The M5 has many user-friendly features such as programmable mixing cycles which can be saved for consistent batches, with adjustable parameters such as RPM, maximum temperature, and mixing duration.

For our powder coatings customers, we’re excited to share that the latest generation of our Compactor, the MKV, is available for trials at our new facility. The MKV Compactor is a fines recycling system tailored to the powder coatings industry. Our machine is designed to efficiently reduce waste by compacting fines and reintroducing them to the mill as usable chips.

Embrace the Future with Xtrutech

The Xtrutech Innovation Centre represents a significant leap forward, not only for us but for the entire manufacturing sector. We invite you to join us in embracing this new era of possibilities, where innovation knows no bounds. Discover the power of firsthand experience, witness machinery in action, and redefine your approach to manufacturing excellence.

If you are interested in arranging a trial at Xtrutech’s innovation centre or would just like to learn more about the machines, we have discussed please contact or call us on +44 (0)1782 621122.