XTS35 Extruder

XTS Twin Screw Extruders

XTS or Xtrutech Twin Screw is our signature range for Twin Screw Extrusion. Each machine is designed and manufactured by Xtrutech at our Headquarters. What makes an XTS Extruder line? And most importantly what benefits can the XTS range offer you?

XTS machines are designed with durability in mind and manufactured with a consistent high quality. This means that every XTS Extruder line is an investment, for producers looking to reduce the cost of ownership.

We prioritise the use of quality materials in our machines. For example, Xtrutech choose bronze cast heaters for our Extruders versus the traditionally used aluminium. We have found that by using bronze heaters they are more resistant to heat related corrosion. As a result, this increases their longevity and reduces the need for repairs and replacements.

Corrosion can become a developing problem within many Twin Screw Extruders, and we have taken active steps to protect XTS Extruders from this type of wear. For instance, the backing blocks used in XTS Extruders undertake a series of corrosion resistant processes as an additional layer of protection. You can read our article on “Wear in Twin Screw Extruders” here which explains the causes of wear and preventative measures that you can take.

Cooling Conveyor Steel Frame

XTS Cooling Systems

Each XTS Twin Screw Extruder is designed to fit seamlessly with an XTS cooling system. Such as the XTS CC Cooling Conveyor which consists of an all-stainless-steel design.

It is common practice for manufacturers to use chrome plated or even painted steel in their conveyors. However, our customers have witnessed the many disadvantages of this practice. In turn, they have seen the many benefits of Xtrutech’s stainless steel design.

Chrome plating in particular causes many issues once the plating begins to degrade. It begins to contaminate the surrounding water, which is both an environmental hazard and an ensuing problem for your cooling system.

By using materials like stainless steel you can protect the cooling efficiency of your conveyor from both contamination and corrosion.

Steel Conveyor

In summary

The XTS range is built to last, ensuring that your production line is up and running with minimal downtime. As a result, productivity is maintained, and fewer resources are used on repairs & maintenance. In addition, Xtrutech can also support your Extruder lines as a trusted spares supplier and service provider.

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