Xtrutech are a leading independent supplier of OEM spare parts for Twin Screw Extruders. As a result, we strive to work with suppliers who follow our best practices by using quality materials and innovative processes.

Screw Element

When it comes to the manufacture of screws, barrels and shafts, quality is our focus, not only as a finished product but throughout the manufacturing process. For example, our suppliers use ultrasonic testing as a means of evaluating flaws in the material. If the material doesn’t meet the required tolerance then it is recycled wherever possible. This is a longer and more costly process when compared to the common practices of our competitors, but we see the benefits in the final product.

Our OEM parts use powder metallurgy steel, which involves a more refined process for the creation of fatigue resistant materials. The process begins with atomisation, then the materials are subject to Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) and most of the oxygen and sulphites are removed. The aim of this process is to enhance longevity and reduce defects. HIP boosts corrosion resistance and fatigue strength to produce a robust & effective material.

OEM Screw Elements

“We address the challenges faced by our customers by offering solutions that can improve every aspect of manufacture…”-Scott Cottrell, Sales Manager.

Xtrutech’s spare parts are engineered with durability in mind, so that our customers can rely on our components for continuous production.

One of the many benefits of working directly with our suppliers & partners is that we are involved in process improvements. We utilise these developments to improve our products, and to offer parts fit for purpose, that will enhance production output for our customers.

Xtrutech prioritises quality throughout our product range including our own XTS machines; you can read our article on “What makes an XTS Extruder Line?” by clicking here.