Xtrutech are proud to showcase the newest version of the XTDC2, the latest of our Next Generation Drum Coolers!


Our new drum cooler is built for enhanced flexibility with lab and speciality small batches. The XTDC2 features interchangeable configurations, forming sheets by cooling across the rolls and belt or bypassing the belt and collecting the sheet straight into a catch tray. A kibbler unit can also be provided to reduce chilled extrudate into grindable chips.

Easily Cleaned

The blue polyurethane belt and kibbler unit are completely removable in order to decrease the time spent on belt replacement, changeover, and cleaning. Most importantly, this enhances overall efficiency. The cooler can also be cleaned in position and does not need to be moved between batches or changing product.

Seamless Integration

The XTDC2 can be paired with Xtrutech’s XTS24 Twin Screw Extruder to create a seamlessly integrated complete extruder line. Whilst linked with an Xtrutech extruder, the XTDC2 is controlled through the extruder HMI.

Through these latest innovations, we aim to provide customers with the highest possible versatility for small batch production and research & development. You can find out more about how Xtrutech can be your business partner for growth. We are the only OEM specialising in full powder coating extruder lines by getting in touch with our team.