Xtrutech is excited to share the news of two new collaborations that will significantly enhance our service and support offerings in India. We are proud to introduce Naiks Engineering Solutions, a team of highly qualified engineers based in Gujarat, India.

Naiks will play a pivotal role in providing dedicated engineering services to XTS customers across India, ensuring they receive top-quality and responsive assistance. With over 25 years of expertise, Naiks Engineering Solutions Specialises in the polymer compounding industry, offering comprehensive plant engineering services and innovative automation solutions.

India Partnership Post

Additionally, we are delighted to introduce our new Sales Representative for India, Subhabrata Sarkar, from Intelligent Project Solutions (IPS). IPS, with offices in Mumbai and Kolkata, specialise in the knowledge of twin-screw extrusion, including the production of powder coating powders, engineering polymers, polymer alloys, and masterbatch processes. Subhabrata Sarkar will represent Xtrutech in the Indian market, to deliver cutting-edge twin screw extrusion systems for powder coating and plastics compounding.

Together, these collaborations strengthen Xtrutech’s ability to meet the diverse extruder requirements of our valued customers throughout India. Whether it’s spare parts, service, or the design and manufacture of Twin-Screw Extruder lines, we are confident that these partnerships will enable us to deliver exceptional support and solutions in the Indian market.

Contact our team today by following the link: https://www.xtrutech.com/contact/