Old XTS Side Feeder

The XTS Side Feeder has undergone various design changes to improve efficiency and to increase achievable output. The aim of these developments was to provide solutions to the common problems found in traditional feeders. This includes handling materials which are typically hard to feed, reducing product bridging and decreasing square internal corners that trap product.

The latest version of XTS Side Feeders includes these design improvements:

Reduction of dead space

All square corners within the feeder & hopper have been reduced to a minimum. This has been achieved by using a cylindrical hopper shape with a curved bowl base. As a result, dead spaces, and product traps have been eliminated, providing a surface which is much easier to clean.

Reducing dead spots and bridging

The agitator blade has also been re-designed so that the clearance between the blade and feed screws is reduced. This acts to improve the flow of product out of the feeder, assisted by the new smooth bowl profile. By reducing ‘dead spots’ within the hopper this eliminates *product bridging between the agitator and screws, also preventing bridging above the agitator blade within the feeder & hopper.

Screws to match materials

We have developed a new range of feeder screws with various flights and pitches, so they are more suited to the materials being fed. The new screws can also include a variable pitch, achieving better feeder efficiency and decreasing product aeration.

New Side Feeder

CIP capabilities

The new feeder changes have also allowed for the integration of the Xtrutech Clean-in-Place System. Our CIP system effectively reduces downtime and increases efficiency through automated cleaning.

Xtrutech’s CIP feeder hopper provides the ideal cleaning solution for powder coating producers. By reducing the machine downtime and increasing valuable production time. Our system preforms a thorough cleaning of the feeder & hopper, which removes cross contamination between batches and ensures the quality of your finished product.

To learn more about our CIP system continue reading here: https://www.xtrutech.com/self-cleaning-feeders/

*When the product creates a bridge within the feeder which prevents material from falling through into the feed screws, this is referred to as product bridging.