Read Xtrutech Managing Director, Ryan Moore’s interview for the latest edition of Inside Sustainability. He discussed how innovation has played a role in the significant growth the business has experienced over the last few years.

Sustainable Innovations

In the last two years, Xtrutech have released a new XTS Fines Compactor, developed with a large European paints and performance coatings multinational. This recycles fines waste from the powder coating processes, drastically reducing waste to enhance efficiency and ensure less waste going into landfill. Helping companies around the world to meet their sustainability goals.

Global Expansion

Xtrutech have doubled in size and revenue, establishing a strong presence in the North American, South American, and Asian markets. Ryan reflected on the growth saying “The key was to have a local presence worldwide to better support our customers. Big companies take us seriously now. We invested in a new Innovation Centre, workshops, and people, enabling us to fulfil the growth in orders whilst continuing to offer an excellent services.”

Valuable Partnerships 

Xtrutech place great emphasis on maintaining its family business values and maintaining robust relationships with worldwide partners and suppliers. Ryan Moore explained “Suppliers are crucial, we do some machining here ourselves but the majority is purchased from items we design and pass on to local engineering shops to fabricate and manufacture the parts. It’s extremely important to us to have a close relationship.”

Commitment to Sustainability

The company strives to make improvements all the time, which includes upgrading the lighting and heating systems at its sites. The company’s bricks-and-mortar presence overseas has allowed it to reduce air travel too. “85% of what we do is export, but now we are replicating our UK capabilities in the US. We have a solid presence in Asia, so we are not flying around the world all the time”. This is good for the company financially and taking positive actions for the environment.

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